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The Lookout Landing Podcast: Episode 11 - Replacing Haniger With a Motter Bobblehead

Injuries have spoiled the parade, but the Mariners march on with a road series win at their backs.

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MLB: Seattle Mariners at Detroit Tigers
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A slightly loopy Kate Preusser and John Trupin convene late at night after the Mariners series win over the Detroit Tigers to discuss how the M's can recuperate from their injuries and who has already stepped up. They look at the upcoming schedule, celebrate Leonys Martín's return, and debate if the team will be able to remain a contender while shorthanded. Later, they take Twitter questions, shame their history teachers yet again with poor geographical and mythological recall, and design the perfect bobblehead for Seattle's utility sensation Taylor Motter.

Disney's Toontown Online Celebrity Celebrity Video Game Charity Event
A sprocket, possibly? Getty thinks so, and I have no idea. Kate says they’re hilarious, so please let me know if you laughed, and more importantly, why?
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Other Topics include: Sprockets, Rainy Springs and Hot Aprils, Lloyd McClendon in the Land of the Soviets, Obsessions with Boogs, Helsinki Syndrome, and more.

Music: Farruko - Visionary, Oh Land - Voodoo, Shad - Wild.

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Enjoy! Leave feedback! And go M’s.