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Mariners Moose Tracks, 4/26/17: Injuries, Ariel Hernandez, and Star Wars Release

Here’s to hoping Wednesday is better than Tuesday!

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at St. Louis Cardinals
Coghlan’s journey to score
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was a horrible day for the Mariners. If you missed it somehow, the team lost 19-9 to the Tigers, Mitch Haniger strained his oblique, and Felix Hernandez has a “dead arm.”

It was no fun. Things will get better for the team. Hopefully we’ll either forget all of this happened or look back on it as a “rough patch” that didn’t have much of an impact in the big picture. Losing Felix is bad, but he was struggling this year. Hopefully it’s a minor issue and the team can get it right to help him pitch effectively in the future.

Haniger is a big loss. An oblique strain usually requires a DL stint. Haniger has been the team’s best hitter to this point in the season. He’s basically the reason their start to the year hasn’t been awful. But Nelson Cruz, Robinson Cano, and Kyle Seager are all starting to pick things back up and if they can get back on track, they can replace Haniger’s production and more.

Get well soon, injured M’s. Now let’s see what else happened in the baseball world.

Around the league...

  • Marcus Stroman picked up his first major league hit yesterday.
  • Eric Thames isn’t taking the PED accusations to heart. By the way, he hit home run #11 yesterday.
  • Dave Cameron at Fangraphs wonders what people would be willing to pay Thames knowing what they know now.
  • It’s still very difficult to measure command, writes Eno Sarris at Fangraphs.
  • This comes as no surprise, but Madison Bumgarner regrets going on that dirt bike ride.
  • Chris Coghlan wins the award for Most Creative Way to Avoid A Tag.
  • Meet Ariel Hernandez, the Edwin Diaz of the Reds bullpen as an electric reliever who jumped from Double-A to the bigs and is already carving up major league hitters.
  • Dae-Ho Lee seems to be pretty happy in his natural, bat-flipping habitat.
  • Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter have come to an agreement to purchase the Miami Marlins. What a weird world.
  • Maybe their first order of business should be to help the team get better hotel deals. The Marlins are staying in a Delaware hotel for their series in Philadelphia because the NFL booked up all of the hotels in the area.
  • Former Diamondbacks general manager Dave Stewart is taking credit for the team’s recent success.
  • Former Mariners relievers Joe Beimel and Brandon League have found a niche in the back-end of the New Britain Bees bullpen.
  • If you haven’t heard of high school pitcher Hunter Greene, now is the time to learn. The 17-year-old graced the cover of Sports Illustrated and could be the next big thing.

Anders’ picks...

  • Star Wars and Indiana Jones both announced release dates for upcoming films. Star Wars: Episode IX will come out on May 24th, 2019 while the newest Indiana Jones installment is set for a July 10, 2020 release date. And yes, Harrison Ford will be in the new Indy film.