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Sporcle Friday: One-hitters thrown by M’s pitchers

Can you name all of the Mariners who threw/helped throw one-hitters?

Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

I think most M’s fans who’ve been around for awhile will be able to tell you that Seattle has thrown five no-hitters in franchise history. (This is actually a pretty impressive number. In fact, since RJ threw the M’s first no-no in 1990, Seattle has been responsible for 12.5% of the no-hitters in MLB.) However, I imagine that significantly fewer fans could tell you about all of the one-hitters in M’s history. This feat, while more common than a no-hitter, is still pretty rare (and still damned impressive).

There have been 18 one-hitters thrown by Mariners pitchers. 12 of these involved a single starting pitcher, while six also included appearances by players from the bullpen. In today’s Sporcle, you're responsible for naming both the starters and the relievers who appeared in these 18 games.

Good luck!

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