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MLB Opening Day 2017: How to watch and open games thread

Real baseball that really counts is back!

Pittsburgh Pirates v St Louis Cardinals
The Cubs will look to repeat as WS champs in 2017, but they’ll have to get past Carlos Martinez and the Cardinals first.
Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Hello friends and welcome to the first day of baseball season. As I type this, the Rays are currently clobbering the Yankees to the tune of 7-2, which is not exactly what I would have expected, but seems like fun nonetheless. That game is on ESPN, or if you have a subscription.

Next up at 1:10 PST we have an NL West showdown when the Giants come to seemingly-subpar Chase Field to face the Diamondbacks. It’s Madison Bumgarner vs. Zach Greinke, who looks to regain his form after a shaky 2016. That game is on ESPN2, or

Opening Day 2017 concludes with a high-stakes NL Central matchup when the Cubs visit St. Louis to play the only team in their division with a real chance of dethroning the current champs. Jon Lester will pitch against Carlos Martínez in a battle of two potential NL Cy Young candidates. That game is at 5:35 PST, and is on ESPN, or streaming at or WatchESPN. You can also get radio feeds for all of these games if you purchase At-Bat premium, which is something like 20 bucks, I think? I recommend it; I like getting all the radio feeds and hearing everyone’s charming regional accents, and it’s nice to be able to just put on headphones and do yardwork while listening to a random AL East game. Whether you faithfully watch all three games today or just poke your head in here and there as you do your Sunday chores, make sure to pause a second in your day and let the fact that baseball is really back wash over you. We made it, everybody.