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Sporcle Friday: The worst blown saves in M’s history

Can you name the relievers who committed the most egregious blown saves in Mariners history (by WPA)?

Bobby Ayala
Advanced metrics suggest that this gentleman was actually a lot better than you remember - go look at his page on FG!

Hello. We just experienced a pretty lousy week of Mariners baseball. Spirits were dampened, hopes were smooshed, and our well-being as M’s fans was completely disregarded by the team we love. It sucked.

Let’s lean in to that feeling, shall we?

To do this, today’s Sporcle asks you to name the players who were responsible for the worst blown saves in Mariners history (by WPA). Fun! There have been 43 instances in franchise history where a reliever garnered a WPA worse than -0.800, which is gut-wrenchingly bad. 25 different players were responsible for these all-time garbage performances. How many of them can you name?

Note 1: I included the whole dates for these in the hint, instead of just the year, in case you wanted to go look at some box scores and really wallow.

Note 2: Not all of these are technically blown saves; a couple of them are “only” incredibly egregious losses.

Direct link to the quiz!