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Mariners Moose Tracks, 4/14/17: Slow Starts, Kelsey Plum, and Star Wars

It’s Friday!

MLB: Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Angels
We’ll be seeing these guys pretty darn soon
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Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your off-day and are ready for some more Mariners baseball.

Yesterday, Jeff Sullivan brightened the spirits of M’s fans with his piece about how the team is shooting itself in the foot with its slow start. Sullivan’s sentiments echo those of many fans. M’s fans are quickly growing a reputation for their ability to panic, but perhaps the unease is justified.

After a 2-8 start, it’s difficult not to get concerned. Sullivan is right that even though the cold streak can can mostly be attributed to some shitty luck, losses are losses. But I’ve been oddly optimistic in spite of the latest stretch.

I’m not exactly the kind of person to “give up” hope after a rough patch. Many are quick to jump on the “same ol’ Mariners” train. But it is important to remember that we’re only 6% of the way through the season. I’d challenge you to find a playoff team from any year that never went through a 2-8 stretch over 10 games in its season. It happens to everyone. It’s entirely possible that the M’s are just starting out on such a stretch.

Sure, the Mariners’ once-slim chances to make the playoffs are even slimmer now. But even Sullivan admits that the M’s have the talent of a contender. If the M’s aren’t good enough to get out of this rut, they probably weren’t good enough in the first place. It’s hard to be patient as a baseball fan. It’s even harder to be a patient baseball fan when you’ve been waiting for sixteen freaking years for a playoff game. But I’m willing to extend the leash on this squad.

Now, let’s check out what else is happening in the world of baseball.

In Mariners news...

  • Congratulations, Jose!
  • More good news for Kyle Lewis! I’m getting a little anxious to see him back on the field.
  • The Mariners unveiled a statue of Ken Griffey, Jr. yesterday placed just outside the confines of Safeco Field.
  • A lot of people stopped by to admire the new sculpture, including Snoop Dogg!
  • Jason Churchill at Prospect Insider spoke to Tyler O’Neill before his most recent game with the Rainiers.

Around the league...

  • Michael Baumann at The Ringer talks about contenders who have gotten off to a slow start and what it means for their futures.
  • Kate Preusser and Meg Rowley were featured in Baseball Prospectus’ latest edition of Short Relief to discuss crickets and mustaches.
  • Top Yankees pitching prospect (TINSTAAPP — There Is No Such Thing As A Pitching Prospect) James Kaprielian will undergo Tommy John surgery. The M’s drafted Kaprielian in the 40th round of the 2012 draft, but he did not sign.
  • David Laurila at Fangraphs talked to Mark Trumbo about his approach at the plate.
  • Elvis Andrus has turned himself into an above-average hitter, writes Jeff Sullivan. The shortstop might even be able to evolve into a power hitter, as odd as that seems.

Anders’ picks...

  • Rumors had been circulating that the Seattle Storm was trying to trade up in the WNBA draft last night to get the #1 overall pick in order to nab Washington standout Kelsey Plum. But the San Antonio Stars ended up holding onto the pick and selected her themselves.
  • The Seahawks are trying to work out a deal with the Raiders to send retired running back Marshawn Lynch to his hometown team.
  • Star Wars Celebration is underway, and the media team released this beautiful tribute to the late Carrie Fisher yesterday. Rumor has it that a trailer for Episode VIII: The Last Jedi will drop later today. Keep your eyes peeled.