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Grading the Mariners Promotional Uniforms Through the Years

So this season hasn’t started off super hot, but you guys, it’s only the eleventh game of the year. The eventual 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs had a 1-9 stretch last season, so really we seem to be ahead of schedule in that regard. But enough about this team and their struggles to this point...

In honor of the Mariners’ 11th game of the 2017 season—and the first I am fortunate enough to be able to attend in person this year—let’s take a look at the Top 11 Mariners promotional uniforms of all time!

11. 2002 Mariners Mojo McDonald’s Comic Book Uniforms

This one should be pretty obvious. Despite being extremely eye-catching, the fact that this uniform option appears to be made of some type of heavy metal and heavy duty boots would likely limit the team’s ability to win ballgames; although it did apparently aid them in staving off a Sasquatch invasion.

1.5/10. 10 for appearance, -8.5 for functionality.

10. 2016 Mother’s Day Uniforms

As big of a fan as I’ve always been of players using pink bats on Mother’s Day, I wasn’t a huge fan of these Mom’s Day threads. Using pink as a primary color is certainly a nice homage to all the mothers out there, but I think the modern logo with absolutely zero navy or northwest green and so much pink made this one of the weaker uniform combos in recent memory. [Ed. note: even casting aside the problems with gendering uniforms as pink and blue for moms and dads, this particular pink is a shade I can only describe as “poisonous.” -KP]

5/10. Likely would not wear even if given for free.

9. 2017 Independence Day Uniforms

Apparently these are the Independence Day uniforms we can expect the M’s to don this summer. That said, I find this picture a little strange considering we’re playing at home on July 4th this year, and the only image of these jerseys I can find is a road version. I like the take on the American flag, but I think maybe the patriotic details would pop a little more were they outlined by a color other than red. A black or navy outline around the names at least would have been a nice touch.

6.5/10. Would not purchase, but would wear one 4th of July weekend if I somehow wound up with one.

8. 1969 Seattle Pilots Turn Back the Clock Night (2006)

The M’s rocked these throwbacks in 2006. I used this picture of Yuni in a slideshow presentation for my high school Integrated Communications class (I have no idea what that presentation was about...). This is my first recollection of the team ever wearing Pilots uniforms, and I really liked them at the time. The M’s marketing department went on to produce some more aesthetically pleasing Pilots tributes, but the pilots’ stripes on both the sleeves and socks, as well as the makeshift wings on the left chest, made for a fun combo.

7/10. Not my favorite Turn Back the Clock option, but the fact that I’ve never seen a fan wearing one might be enough to get me to pay up for one.

7. 2016 Father’s Day Uniforms

These 2016 uniforms are the first ones on this list that I actually really liked. I may be alone in this, but I can’t help but think of The University of North Carolina Tarheels when I look at them. However, I’ve always liked the ‘Heels color scheme, and it didn’t let me down when applying to the the M’s. The organization has bounced between some different shades of blue since coming to Seattle, and you can add this lighter shade to the “works” pile. I would like to see them use these exact threads every Father’s Day.

8/10. Would invest in if I found one for a reasonable price at the “Mariners Garage Sale” in the concourse.

6. Seattle Rainiers Turn Back the Clock Nights (2009 & 2011)

Okay, so I cheated a little bit here by lumping together two different uniforms, but they were both Turn Back the Clock Rainiers uniform sets. I almost surprised myself by putting these uniforms as low as I did, but really anything from here up qualifies as a quality presentation in my book. In my opinion, the 2011 (right) version was far superior to the 2009 (left) presentation, and I even made sure not to go too heavy on the bonus points awarded for using the ruggedly handsome Dustin Ackley as the uniform model. The socks from the 2009 uniforms were basically their lone redeeming quality, but more than made up for the lame generic hats with a barely visable “s” on them. These two combos were really saved by the obvious tribute to the (formerly) PNW-based Rainier beer company is a big plus in my book. Vitamin Rs all around!


5. 1989 Seattle Mariners Turn Back the Clock Night (2008)

For as long as I can remember, whenever I’ve seen a compass rose or a trident, my mind immediately goes to the Mariners. The 1989 Seattle Mariners uniforms included neither of those iconic symbols. Despite lacking that logo to really rally around, these uniforms still hold a certain degree of nostalgia. The reasoning could very well likely be the 19 year old rookie who debuted that season in these threads, and would go on to assert himself as the most iconic player in franchise history. The marketing team rolled these back out last season as a giveaway during Griffey’s Hall of Fame weekend. These uniforms also are the closest thing on this list to the M’s current Sunday alternate uniforms, which I adore.

9/10. Am consistently jealous whenever I see a fan wearing their replica stadium giveaway version.

4. 1909 Seattle Turks Turn Back the Clock Night (2013)

Back in 2013, the Mariners payed tribute to the Seattle Turks, a minor league team that played all of one season in Seattle, back in 1909. This uniform really embodies the term “less is more”, displaying just two colors, and that’s if you count white. This combo might just literally be the blank canvas uniform you get when you go to “create a team” on a baseball videogame, but something about that really worked for me for some reason. Used for 162 games in a season, they’d certainly get old, but as an occasional throwback option, I dig it.

9/10. Perhaps would have been #1 if not for Aaron Harang being the photo I had to use.

3. 1979 Turn Back the Clock Night (2016)

These Turn Back the Clock threads from 2014 are my favorite Mariners throwback. The royal blue and yellow makes for a good combination, and really works when combined with the recently re-adopted trident logo. I’m a fan of the buttonless pullover tops and outlined neckline, in addition to the numbers being displayed on both the front and back. It should go without saying, but the blue and yellow-striped waistline—no belt necessary!—really acts as the cherry on top of this option. I really hope to see these bad boys busted out in 2017.

9.5/10. Would be my go to throwback uniform for purchase, ya know, if I was into that kinda thing.

2. Turn Ahead the Clock Night (1998)

As the great Dave Neihaus put it best, My Oh My. My brain knows that these uniforms are 100% unstylish, but my heart tells me they are a historical work of art that deserves to be reused. Perhaps as much as 75% of my infatuation for these uniforms can be attributed to the fact that they included vests (I’m still holding out hopes that I’ll live to see the Mariners bring back sleeveless jerseys). Another 5% can be attributed to the ridiculous silver batting helmets that included player numbers plastered across the front of the helmet, and the last 20% can be credited to these amazing images of the most notable player in franchise history somehow making them somehow look threatening, something the random faux swingman biceps tattoo no doubt helped with. As a bit of a teaser for next season, this was an interaction I had with Mariner VP of Marketing Kevin Mather this last offseason:

10/10. Will hunt one down and purchase off eBay when finances permit it.

1. 2013 Veteran’s Day

From the Corner of Edgar & Dave

This uniform comb from Veteran’s Day of 2013 goes down as a no doubt favorite of mine. The digi-camo look was complimented perfectly and naturally by the Mariners’ standard Navy and Northwest Green color scheme. The fully camo caps are perhaps my favorite Mariners hat of all time, and it’s truly a shame that, as far as I can tell, you can no longer purchase one at the ballpark. The Mariners have never adopted camo as a part of their regular wardrobe, but I would be absolutely thrilled if they found a way to work these into the uniform selection, even on a semi-regular basis.

11/10. Bonus points for honoring our nation’s veterans.

And if you were wondering, the M’s Turn Back the Clock Night for this season is set for Saturday, June 24th against the Astros. They’ll be paying tribute to the 1977 Seattle Mariners, wearing jerseys that look like this (afro not included):