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Mariners Moose Tracks, 4/10/17: Shohei Otani, Dae-Ho Lee, and Russell Westbrook

Why is it called the Legend of Zelda when it’s actually about Link?

MLB: Texas Rangers at Seattle Mariners
I miss Dae-Ho :(
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday everyone! I know that yesterday put a damper on a lot of people’s spirits so I applaud you if you are reading this now, because that means you are stronger than most. It’s like some sort of Mariners-themed gauntlet that slowly weeds out the weak.

More importantly, today is Opening Day at Safeco Field. I’m pretty bummed that I won’t be able to attend. Opening Day at Safeco is always fun regardless of the team’s record. So let’s hope they can stick it to the Astros today. Until then, here are some fresh links to start off your day.

In Mariners news...

  • Lookout Landing friend Joe Veyera made a pretty funny tweet that deserves recognition.
  • The Mariners cut ties with minor league outfielder James Ramsey.
  • Felix Hernandez will meet up with a pretty special friend before today’s game at Safeco.

Around the league...

  • Japanese sensation Shohei Otani is out for several weeks with a thigh injury.
  • The Pirates have added a huge screen to the right field portion of their stadium that allows fans to play Mario on it.
  • I guess Rob Manfred is not a fan of relievers. The commissioner thinks they “slow down the game.”
  • Patrick Dubuque profiles the mostly-unknown former San Francisco Giants starter John Burkett in his latest piece for Baseball Prospectus.
  • Dae-Ho Lee continues to do Dae-Ho things in Korea.

Anders’ picks...

  • With the addition of West Seattle High School stud Nate Pryor to the University of Washington men’s basketball team, Mike Hopkins’ squad is beginning to take shape.
  • Russell Westbrook collected his 42nd triple-double of the season, breaking Oscar Robertson’s single-season record.
  • In somewhat personal sports news, the Hofstra Pride became the last undefeated team in college men’s lacrosse with a win over Delaware to put their record at 10-0. Hofstra is ranked #3 in the country as I’m writing this and might be ranked higher by the time you read this.