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4/1: Open Game Thread

Although we’ve come / to the end of the road....

MLB: Spring Training-Kansas City Royals at Seattle Mariners
whoa watch the hands, mitch
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

We made it, y’all. We, as fans, survived over a month of Mariners Spring Training. Your congratulatory “I Survived Mariners Spring Training...AGAIN” shirt is in the mail (spoiler: it’s not). This is no silly April Fool’s joke. Regular season starts Monday. Just one more tussle with the Rockies to deal with. Word on the wire is that the teams tied last night 5-5 after 9 innings and some nearly 5 hours. Sensational.


Segura and Haniger hitting 1-2 is pretty dang sexy, I must say. I look forward to seeing how that works out in the coming weeks.

All right, smell ya later, Peoria. You’ve been swell. Let the real baseballing commence.

Game Time: 12:10 PM PDT

TV: Root Sports Northwest/

Radio: 710 ESPN/