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3/9: Open Game Thread

Who will triumph in the battle of the tall lefty men?

MLB: Spring Training-Seattle Mariners at Colorado Rockies
hint: it’s this guy
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you know that: 1) I love a tall lefty pitcher; 2) I love a tall lefty reliever, specifically; 3) I love Mike Montgomery. But I also love a story of someone coming into their own, and a tall lefty flamethrower, and a giant maple leaf tattoo, and like come on how can you not love this doofus:

... because I get to marry this little freak of the week in less than 2 months! He's the best.

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I hope Paxton accidentally lets it slip in a morning meeting that he is a master of The Ripple and Servais subsequently rents some studio time for dance lessons. Picture it: Pax in a sweatband teaching Vogelbach how to do a body wave? 10/10 would watch. ANYWAY. Today there is a baseball game, and it should be a good one, even if it feels cruel to pit two of my favorites against each other, and even crueler for them not to televise it, and cruelerest for the radio to be delayed. MiMo is angling for a spot in the Cubs rotation, so he has a little more on the line than Pax, although the new, extra-competitive Paxbot 2.0 might want to turn in a stronger showing after he wobbled slightly in his spring debut in relief of Yovani Gallardo, giving up two runs in two innings of work. Paxton mentioned after that he felt his timing was a little bit off, and he missed badly on a cutter to Ian Desmond, who punished the pitch over the wall for a two-run shot.

Also on the list of available pitchers today: Micah Owings, Jonathan Aro, Christian Bergman, Evan Scribner, Dillon Overton, Jean Machi, Paul Fry, and Peter Tago. Of these, I’m most interested to see Overton, who was sharp in his ST debut against the Padres, giving up just one hit over two innings of work, and then less sharp his second time out against the Rangers, surrendering three hits and two runs. I’m also interested to see Peter Tago, who I’m still not entirely sure is a real person.


Ah yes, Motter-Smith-O’Malley, that classic infield combo. Seriously, though, that’s one of the spring’s more intriguing competitions, so it’ll be interesting to watch them battle it out. Guillermo Heredia bats leadoff today, which is a sentence it delights me to type. The Cubs are running out a lineup that looks like, well, a lineup, because Kris Bryant is a selfish jerk who won’t play for the glory of Team USA in the WBC. Screw that guy.

Minor league reserve player you’ve never heard of for the day: Joseph Rosa, SS.

Joseph Rosa played with the AZL Mariners last year after spending his first year in the organization in the Dominican Academy, and has been able to hit for average at every level, even earning a brief call-up to Bakersfield this past year. He was born in 1997.

How to watch:

Game time: 12:05 PM PST

On TV?: No, because life is pain.

Radio: Delayed broadcast at 7 PM on 710, so no spoilers. If you can handle the Cubs announcers you can listen live-ish here.