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3/8: Open Game Thread

LL continues to be in spring training form

Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners
how do you say “badass” in Japanese
Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

We apologize for the tardiness of this game thread. You can blame Zach Sanders and his undying love of the biz. Also holding us up: the fact that the Mariners were good and had their lineup in early like good students, and the Indians left theirs blank for like ever, prompting a ton of “hyuk well I like their chances today” jokes on Twitter.

Iwakuma gets the start and will hopefully look a wee bit less hittable than he did last time. Other pitchers who are available: Miranda, Fien, Kiekhefer, Pazos, Curtis, Weber, Anthony MiescewishICouldSpellHisLastName, Tyler Herb.

Also, FYI, per Divish:

Don’t leave us, Ryan.