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Mariners Moose Tracks, 3/5: Mega Moose Edition

It’s not that mega

This is a video game reference?

Good morning! For those of you who are savvy LL 3.7 (this is the edition we are on, yes?) readers, you may have noticed that the links were distinctly missing yesterday. Blame Intern Adam That is not Adam’s fault; he is doing some sort of fun, frolicky, real world activity and was thus unable to provide the greedy weekend hoards with content, so I volunteered...and subsequently neglected to cover him on Saturday. I shall wear a scarlet L (for late, not loser, thank you very much) on my internet persona this week. Now here is an assortment of links to peruse at your Sunday leisure.

In Mariners news...

  • The establishment of MLB academies in the Dominican Republic, and other countries in Latin America, is deeply problematic (check out Alan M. Klein’s piece “Sport and Culture as Contested Terrain: Americanization in the Caribbean,” if you are so inclined/have university access to academic journals), but the Mariners organization does it about as well as you could hope. Seven players recently earned their high school diplomas while at the Mariners Acadmey, and were celebrated with a luncheon on Friday.
  • If you like watching semi-grown men toss baseballs around at various unexciting speeds, Andrew Moore and new Mariner Chase De Jong both threw bullpen sessions
  • Because this is now apparently an all- Andrew Moore links post, the OSU SBN page produced a nice update on the state of former Beavers in the majors
  • That mysterious and inexplicable gloomy feeling that has lurked over you this weekend can now be vanquished because...
  • Pre- Iron Glenn #Toffee was too big for Félix to pick up. Now we get precious things like this. Thanks IG.

bring your son to work day @therealkingfelix34 #Toffe #labradoodle #seattlemariners #AZ #2017 #springtraining

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Around the league...

  • I’ve only ever met one tolerable Cardinals fan, but she was wonderful and also my college adviser, so here’s a nice story about Adam Wainwright taking pity on one of the minor league serfs at the Cardinals’ spring training camp
  • Weird things continue to happen within the White Sox org
  • Baseball teams played baseball in the sunshine of Florida and Arizona, two states which cease to exist once Spring Training ends. All is right with the world.

Isabelle’s picks...

  • I’m sorry in advance for compromising your emotions with this piece, but it’s beautifully written and will make your heart soar and break with equal measure.
  • Also, I think it got buried in earlier links but a new site, La Vida Baseball, was launched this week, in conjunction with the Hall of Fame, and it is excellent. Fun fact, learned from the site: Félix’s first MLB strikeout was newly-elected Hall of Famer Ivan Rodriguez