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3/31: Open Game Thread

Lousy Smarch weather...

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Colorado Rockies
are you not entertained? you’re not? sheesh, tough crowd
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Gentle denizens of Lookout Landing, we are nearly there. We have almost crossed the finish line to get to the starting line. We’re running that half marathon and we just past the 13 mile mark and we are freakin’ sprinting that last 0.1 mile. Today, friends, is the second to last Spring Training game of 2017. Breathe that in. The tyranny of practice is nearly over. But first, the Seattle Mariners must smite the Baseball Rockies of Colorado, as is the tradition for some reason at the end of every Spring Training in recent memory. The fun part is (well, maybe, we’ll see) is that the Mariners actually venture to Dinger Valhalla Coors Field again this season for two real games in May. The Rockies have replaced the San Diego Padres as Seattle’s “natural rival” for interleague play this season. Must be the weed?

Anyways, the second to last Cactus League game Mariners lineup!

3 more sleeps until real Mariners baseball, although I feel obligated to inform you that this real baseball will take place in Houston. I know. Less than ideal. And Drew Smyly is hurt. Kind of a bummer. But, uh, hey, real baseball! Lots of it!

Game Time: 6:20 PM PDT

TV: Root Sports Northwest/

Radio: 710 ESPN/