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3/28: Open Game Thread

One last look at Felix before the regular season

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Only SIX DAYS left until the regular season starts! And what do you know, it’s Felix Day! You’re going to want to watch the early part of this game, though, because Felix is only scheduled to pitch a few innings.

Here are the lineups.

You’ll notice that Robinson Cano and Nelson Cruz are back. This was never very much in doubt, but it still is something of a relief to me. This lineup is only two short of the projected Opening Day lineup, and it should be fun to watch them against Zack Greinke. Kyle Seager will be getting a routine day off, and Jarrod Dyson is still bothered by his legs. The team is hoping that he’ll be ready for Opening Day, but we’ll see. The good news is that he played extremely well during 10 plate appearances in Minor League games yesterday.

Also, look, Hank Conger is playing. I forgot that he existed. I’m not going to say anything snarky about how we should crush the Diamondbacks. I’ve done that twice now. One resulted in a no-hitter, and the other was yesterday’s debacle. I’ll restrain myself to a tepid “goms.”

Game Time: 1:10 PM PT

TV: Root Sports NW/

Radio: 710 ESPN/