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3/26: Open Game Thread

Rookie vs. Rookie

MLB: Cincinnati Reds-Media Day
hi, i am rookie.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I hope everyone in Seattle enjoyed their allotment of sun yesterday, for it is now a rainy Sunday with a radio-only Spring Training game to keep you company. The Mariners take on the Cincinnati Redlegs in a desert town named after a tire brand. The town also features an airport full of mostly broken down and decommissioned planes.

I can’t think of the Reds these days without thinking of this massive ding donger that Guti hit last year in Cincinnati. Some folks say the ball is still circling the city, looking for the right bowl of Skyline Chili to land in. Other folks say the ball went 473 feet and surprised the hell out of the people sitting in the upper left field deck.

Guti. Le sigh.

In other news...

Head colds are whatever, but this leg thing with Dyson sure is concerning to me. Perhaps I’m overthinking it because the team has Heredia, Haniger, Gamel, and Motter, who are all willing and able to cover every inch of the outfield. None of them have proven MLB track records at the plate, but, uh, ummm, hey just forget I said anything. Look! The Reds pitcher has a funny name! Rookie Davis came to the Reds from the Yankees farm system during the Aroldis Chapman trade. Here’s what he was up to when he was traded.

You see? Baseball players are just like us. Especially if you’re from Puyallup, Washington.


Who is the cuter Rookie?

Baseball pitcher Rookie Davis OR my dog, Rookie Dufresne?

Two Rookies enter, one Rookie leaves!

Quick scouting report on Rookie Dufresne the dog:

  • 7 years old
  • Unholy mix of Corgi, Shiba Inu, and Beagle
  • 80 grade bark
  • Trout-like speed over short distances
  • Loves: human food, dog treats, belly rubs, laps
  • Hates: UPS trucks, FedEx Trucks, USPS, any large vehicle used to deliver goods


Game Time: 1:05 PM PDT

Radio: 710 ESPN/

TV: Nope