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Sporcle Friday: The best players to ever wear an M’s uniform

Which of baseball’s best-ever players (by career fWAR) played (at some point) for the Seattle Mariners?

Ken Griffey Jr. & Alex Rodriguez

I was talking to Nathan on Twitter earlier this week and the subject of trying to pick the “greatest baseball player to ever wear a Mariners uniform” came up. This is, of course, somewhat subjective and open to debate, but I thought the question would lend itself well to a Sporcle quiz if I used an objective measure. To do this, I’ve selected good ol’ fWAR. Sooo, your task in today’s quiz is to name the 20 best players, based on their career fWAR, who ever played for Seattle. Most of these should be pretty easy (although the order may surprise you a bit), but I reckon there will be a few players who end up stumping most folks.

Good luck!

Note #1: Players who came up through the M’s minor league system but never actually played for Seattle are not included in this list.

Note #2: I actually went through and pulled these out by hand so I’m terribly sorry if I goofed and excluded somebody. If I did make a mistake, holler at me in the comments and I’ll fix it/refund the fee you paid to read this article.

Direct link to the quiz.