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3/23: Open Game Thread

Happy Felix Day!

Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Hello and happy Thursday! Felix Hernandez is taking on the Giants tonight and, according to the official Mariners web site, is expected to pitch a whole six innings. Lest you forget that this is still spring training, Robinson Cano, Jean Segura, and Nelson Cruz are all getting the day off. Despair not, however, for we have only 11 days until the regular season starts.

Here are the lineups for tonight:

Newly minted starting first baseman Danny Valencia will be getting the start, as will Mitch Haniger at DH. If you’re in to utility guys, this is your game. Taylor Motter, Ben Gamel, Tyler Smith, and Mike Freeman are all starting, forming a Fearsome Foursome at the bottom of the order. It’s also worth noting that Taylor, Ben, Tyler, and Mike could easily be a boy band (I’d be on Team Taylor).

It’s worth noting that the Giants will not be using the DH this game, but the Mariners will. Apparently the rule in spring training is that it is up to the team’s discretion whether or not to use the DH.

One rather sad note is that Jimmy Rollins will be starting at shortstop for the Giants. He’s 38 at this point, and has so far gone 3-for-32 in spring training this year. He was exactly replacement level last year by fWAR, and part of me wishes that he would just retire already and let my good memories of him remain untarnished. Alas.

Game Time: 6:05 PM PT

Radio: 710 ESPN/

TV: Network

The game is listed on MLB Network’s website as scheduled to be shown at 7:00 PM PT. I’m not sure if they’re just wrong on the time or if they’re showing it on a one-hour delay.