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2017 WBC Open Game Thread: USA vs Puerto Rico

One win away!

World Baseball Classic - Pool F - Game 1 - Dominican Republic v Puerto Rico Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

USA vs. Puerto Rico. One win separating them from a World Baseball Classic Championship.

Whatever brings you to the table of this championship game, enjoy a night of great baseball. Also fun: less than two weeks until Mariners baseball returns for real. Hopefully your night is going better than it is for poor Paul Goldschmidt, as he is once again inexplicably benched for Eric Hosmer.

Ian Kinsler had some words about on-field conduct that rubbed me the wrong way, but that does not diminish that the USA team has actually been a fun team as well. Still, with their fire and passion, as well as excellent skill and execution, Team Puerto Rico is certainly their match. Either way, I hope you enjoy red, white, and blue color schemes.

Let’s dance.


TV: MLB TV, MLB Network, ESPN Deportes, ESPN2 (in Spanish)

Mariners?: Edwin Diaz and Emilio Pagan (Puerto Rico)

Go Baseball.