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3/2: Open Game Thread

Ariel Miranda gets his second start of the spring

Seattle Mariners Photo Day
I’m sure Leonard could make this glove into a clamshell or something right
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Today the Mariners take on the Brewers and old friend Eric Thames. For real! Matt Garza gets the start, who will try to abstain from giving up a ton of runs to the Mariners. We will see how well that works out.

For the Mariners, Ariel Miranda makes his second start of the spring. Treasure up these last few appearances by Cruz and Segura, both of whom will be leaving for the WBC next week.

Here are the Mariners’ reserves for the day:

Game time is 12:10, and is not on TV yet because patience is a virtue, okay? You can listen in on 710. Be sure to go ask Ryan Divish about it on Twitter, though: