2017 WBC: USA vs. Dominican Republic Part 2. Open Game Thread

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Winner takes all the marbles! Well, kind of. Watch the Titans clash on center stage of MLB Network, the ninth biggest sports network- wait shouldn't this be on something bigger? Also prepare for some random guys on Twitter with some #hottakes on how the WBC sucks, and how it'd be better if the Padres spring training team was playing instead. Besides all of that nonsense, the WBC has been amazing. Drink, watch Nelson Cruz hit #dingerz, and some sexy Cano defense. Oh yeah, also socialize on this Game Thread during it.

How to Watch: MLB Network, MLB TV, and ESPN Deportes

Mariners on DR: Robinson Cano, Nelson Cruz, and Jean Segura

Mariners on USA: None (Yes, I know Smyly was on the team like 30 hours ago)

Game time: 7:10 (ish) PT 10:10 (ish) EST