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3/17: Open GameS Thread

A double-header for your St. Paddy’s Day. Sláinte!

MLB: Spring Training-Seattle Mariners at Chicago White Sox
slidin into the weekend like
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Top o’ the morning and all that. St. Patrick’s Day may be cheesy and precisely as full of rich Irish heritage as I am, but it can have its charms, and one of those is that it marks March being almost 34 of the way over! Where does the time go? Opening Day is so close, you guys.

Also a fun thing: St. Patrick’s Day can call upon us creatively here at LL. Last year I wrote what stands as one of my favorite recaps I’ve ever done. This year, Tee has answered his Taylor Motter/Little Mermaid hair flip gif with...well, with whatever this is:

Today the Mariners play two games: one against the Diamondbacks at 1:05, and another evening game against the Dodgers at 7:05. The earlier game isn’t on the radio or TV, which truthfully kind of sucks, because it features perhaps the more interesting lineup:

Pitching reserves include Altavilla, Scribner, and Moore. Those are...almost all players I would like to see or hear about. For the Mariners, I mean. There are a good number of Diamondbacks there I’ve never heard of. So, because we at LL live to serve you, we will still provide a recap for this game, done by Eric Sanford (who some of you will know from the comments), who’s helping us out with some Spring Training coverage. Welcome, Eric, your first assignment is a non-broadcasted Yovani Gallardo start featuring Tuffy Gosewisch as DH, enjoy.

The other game is on the radio, at least, so yay for Luke, who will have that recap for you later tonight. Let’s see what Luke gets to work with:

Ah. Well. Yes. Those are humans in a lineup, for sure. Enjoy, Luke.

Minor leaguer of the day you’ve never heard of: All of them? I think today it might be all of them. When your starting 2B is up with the club from A-ball, things are only going to get more obscure from there.

Game info: 1:05 PM, 7:05 PM. Only the later game is on the radio.

We’ll keep this one thread for both games, and hey, why not pop in to talk about the USA-Puerto Rico game tonight as well, which will definitely be televised. March Madness Shmadness.