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Mariners Moose Tracks, 3/16/17: Casey Fien, Twitter fights, and that Trevor Williams moment

So many links!

Seattle Mariners v Oakland Athletics Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Hey all! Anders still isn’t back. At this point it’s safe to assume he was eaten by wolves on the Connecticut turnpike and that we may never see him again. We’ll miss you, Ders.

The sun is supposed to come out today where I’m at, so I guess I’ll go hiking again. Either that or I’ll open all the windows while I play Overwatch this afternoon. Are there any other Lucio mains in the Lookout Landing community?

Alright, let’s get on with it:

In Mariners news...

  • Greg Johns spotlights veteran relief pitcher Casey Fien. Fien has quietly put together a terrific spring with the Mariners and is a candidate for the final bullpen spot.
  • The Athletics and Mariners got into a fight on Twitter. The Mariners unveiled their new commercials, one of which included a brief clip of a generic Athletics batter striking out. The Athletics’ twitter account decided to react with a long, drawn out version of “YEAH BUT HOW MANY WORLD SERIES RINGZZZ DO YOU HAVE, BROSEPH?!?” The Mariners dropped a finishing move by referencing the time the A’s account got into an oddly aggressive exchange with Smash Mouth on Twitter. Social media is the best/worst.
  • We’ll have more up about the duel between Mariners pitchers in the WBC last night, but for now, here’s a Felix gif:
  • And hey have some Smyly, as well

In other news...

  • Dave Cameron analyzes the Kevin Kiermaier contract and what it means for arbitration.
  • Julio Urias may not start out the season in the Los Angeles Dodgers rotation.
  • Grant Brisbee tries to fix the World Baseball Classic–or not fix it, whatever.
  • Why did the Chicago Cubs win the World Series last year? Well, it was all thanks to a naked Anthony Rizzo, obviously!
  • One of my favorite moments from the 2016 baseball season was covered more in depth here. Trevor Williams, a pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates, made his MLB debut last season. After the game, he greeted his father, Richard, with the game ball. Richard proceeded to break down into tears. The article explores the moment and why it was so meaningful for the two. While I’m sure it’s always a wonderful moment, seeing your son make his major league debut, the context of this particular moment makes it all the more touching: Richard was diagnosed with cancer in late 2015 and was given just two to three months to live. Today, he is in full remission and will be able to watch his son pitch for many, many more years.

Music Question of the Day:

  • Is there a band/artist/song that is miles away from your preferred genre(s) that you adore? I generally despise screamo/metalcore style music, but my goodness do I love A Day to Remember.

Anyway, here’s non-Wonderwall Oasis: