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03/15: Open game thread (with Bonus WBC thread action!)

Chris Heston vs. Brandon McCarthy; Félix Hernández vs. Drew Smyly

Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Update: Please also use this thread for WBC coverage. Venezuela vs. USA. Teammate vs. Teammate. Rougned Odor vs. my vast dislike for Rougned Odor. This promises to be an exciting one so it’s worth finding a stream or a bar with MLBN. You can tell them (the bar owners, your family, significant others, whoever) that Kate at LL said it was okay.

For all my nihilists out there, this is the game for you. What better way to spend a day you should probably be at work than watching the Los Angeles Dodgers square off with your Seattle Mariners. The Dodgers send Brandon McCarthy to the mound to face Chris Heston. Heston has looked pretty good this spring, so I am told.

Full disclosure, I’ve witnessed about seven full innings of ST and WBC included. So when I saw that we needed someone to do a game thread, I naturally jumped at the chance. I have been in and out this spring training, so I’m trying to get my narratives straight. Mitch Haniger is an MVP candidate, there needs to be a new haircut policy in the clubhouse, and commercials dropped today? Dope, I’m caught up.

I will be heading down on to Peoria on Saturday, so if you’ve ever wanted to see someone sweat out a Budweiser, come find me.


Ah yes, the world-beating 2B/SS duo of Mike Freeman and Shawn O’Malley. We’re truly living the best life.

Game Info:

  • M’s vs. Dodgers 1:10 PST
  • TV: ROOT Sports
  • Radio: 710 ESPN
  • Online: