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3/14: Open Game Thread

Paxton vs. Giolito, a preview

Chicago White Sox Photo Day
tfw the rest of the family is in TV but you choose a dependable, reliable career like baseball
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Today the Mariners take on the White Sox, which is a team we actually play during the regular season, so it will be interesting to get an eyeful of some of their prospects and new additions. Starting the game for the Pigment-Challenged Sox is Lucas Giolito, acquired in the Adam Eaton trade. Lucas’s middle name is Frost (his mother’s maiden name), which is an underrated middle name option, if you ask me. His grandfather was the actor Warren Frost, who recently passed away, and his uncle is Mark Frost, co-creator of Twin Peaks. I don’t know why I find this so fascinating, but it’s spring training, what else is there to talk about.


The White Sox aren’t exactly running out their world-beaters, and the Mariners are starting a lineup that features at least six players whom we will see with at least some degree of regularity, so hopefully the M’s can recover somewhat from the massive shellacking they took yesterday. I know it’s just spring training but that was—that was rough. James Paxton makes another start, and as always, I’m excited to see what he is working on as he continues his journey towards potential ace-dom. In line to pitch behind him: James Pazos, who will hopefully build on the improved control we saw from him last time; Nick Vincent, a pitcher; 80-grade smiler Dan Altavilla; Duck Dynasty extra Dillon Overton; and Tyler Herb and something called a Josh Judy.

Minor leaguer you’ve never heard of: Josh Judy. I know we say don’t trust someone with two first names, but what about two alliterative first names that sound like a married couple in a 70s sitcom? Anyway, this is sort of cheating, because you might have heard of Josh Judy, who played for Cleveland in 2011, where he put up an FIP in the 7s. Ouch. Most recently he was in the Mexican Leagues.

SS Chris Torres is also on the reserves list for today, which I understand to be exciting for some of you.

Game Time: 1:05 PST

TV: YES! It’s on ROOT and

Radio: 710 ESPN, delayed.