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Mariners Moose Tracks, 3/14/17: Camp cuts, Shae Simmons update, and freezing soccer

Shae Simmons is going to be okay and Kyle Lewis made another top prospect list

Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, everyone. I hope you are all starting to adjust to the time change better. I can’t be the only person who was fighting off sleep at work yesterday.

Anders is gone again (bum), so I’ll be taking over the links on this lovely morning. There wasn’t a ton of stuff going on in baseball land yesterday, but here are some of the highlights:

In Mariners news...

  • The Mariners made some cuts Monday morning, shipping several prospects back to minor league camps:

There are no real surprises here. Fry was the only guy of this group who seemed to have any real shot at breaking camp on the 25-man.

  • Eno Sarris of Fangraphs took a look at the beautiful oddity that is the Mariners outfield. It’s a great piece that explains just how rare it is to have a team start three outfielders who all played centerfield for at least 50 games or more in the previous season.
  • Greg Johns put up an article about Max Povse and his early success in camp. The article includes quotes from Servais and Povse on how the young righty has managed to turn so many heads this spring.
  • Shae Simmons is okay! A MRI revealed he suffered a muscle strain, per Ryan Divish.
  • It appears Leonys Martin has some new ink:

In other baseball news...

Fun picks of the day...

  • The people of Onoway have a very serious problem with their tap water: it is pink.
  • This past weekend, MLS had its coldest game ever. The contest, a 6-1 win by Atlanta FC over Minnesota United, featured a kick off temperature of 19 degrees Fahrenheit. Playing soccer in Minnesota does not seem fun.
  • Music Question of the Day: What have you been listening to lately? I’ve had this Lo-fi Hip Hop radio station on Youtube open on my laptop for roughly a week or two: