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3/12: Open Game Thread

Milwaukee Brewers v Seattle Mariners Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

It’s the first day in which we are attempting to save daylight, something that is not actually possible to do, but dammit we try to do it anyway. The Mariners, luckily, are in Arizona, where such frivolities are not observed. If Arizona wasn’t a desolate hellscape and a monument to man’s arrogance, I would be tempted to move there for their views on a clock.

Ariel Miranda is on the hill against the Angels, who are trotting out seven-ninths of their opening day lineup. The Mariners are...not. This could be a bloodbath, but it should be good practice for Miranda, even if he won’t be in the rotation.

Game Info

Mariners @ Angels, 1:10p PST
TV: None
Radio: 710 ESPN
Web: (Angels broadcast)


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