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Lookout Landing: State of the Site

Let us hear ye, hear ye

Way back in early November, when the site changed hands, we posted about it and were the grateful recipients of a long comment thread—both on that post and elsewhere—chockablock with suggestions for how people wanted to see the site change, moving forward. Four months and a bundle of new staff members later, we have worked to enact some of these suggestions, while also moving the site into a direction that we feel is the most expansive and extensive in Mariners fandom.

So now’s your chance to tell us how we’re doing, and what other changes you might like to see enacted. I’m closing comments on this post, because I want everyone to put their ideas into the form first. We might circle around and discuss things more later as a community, but for now, this is just data-mining. Answer as many questions as you like; we are simply thankful for your feedback. Thank you for reading our words, creating your own here on the site, and forever, for making this a dynamic, engaging community.