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Ranking Mariners Prospects: It’s Your Turn

Vote, it’s your civic duty.

Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Our Spring Training neighbors over at Gaslamp Ball inspired us with this system of ranking prospects, so we at Lookout Landing decided to take a crack at it as well. With Spring Training right about the corner, this should be a fun way to get familiar with some new names, while simultaneously giving the baseball world the elusive Lookout Landing Prospect Rankings it has been waiting for.

The process is very simple. You will be presented with two Mariners prospects at random. Simply click whoever you think is better, and move on to the next pair. There is no limit to how many times you can vote, so click away to your heart’s content. As we get more and more votes, rankings should start to form based on which prospects have the most favorable head to head votes. May the baseball world rejoice.

When you get tired of clicking, you can take a look at the results in the “view results” tab (crazy, I know). Let’s get as many rankings as possible because volume is what will really make this thing work. Anyways, happy clicking, and happy one week until the first workout of Spring Training.


(UPDATE) If you’re interested in viewing more results than the top 10, you can see the complete rankings here.