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Sporcle Friday: Identifying MLB teams by the population of the city in which they’re located

Do you know which MLB teams are located in the biggest/smallest metropolitan areas?

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Happy Friday!

I know that I said this week’s Sporcle quiz would be more of a “normal” Mariners-centric quiz... but I lied. This past week in the LL Slack I was discussing something with Mr. Trupin (I don’t remember exactly what) that led to us getting miffed about how one of the M’s division rivals likes to represent themselves as somewhat of a “small-market team”, when in actuality the population of their metropolitan area is huuuuge. I couldn’t stop thinking about this, which eventually led to the creation of this quiz.

Soooo, today you’re tasked with identifying MLB teams based upon the population of the metropolitan area in which they are located. Please recognize that for this quiz you actually have to enter the correct answers in order. You can skip around if you want to, but you can’t simply type in “Mariners” and see the answer pop up somewhere. You aren’t penalized for incorrect answers though, so keep typing away. I feel like several of the biggest and smallest teams/cities will be pretty easy to get, but you might need to mash in several team names until you stumble across the correct one once you get more towards the middle.

If you’re persistent (and know all 30 MLB team names), I feel like you should probably be able to get 100% on this quiz. So keep at it! And hopefully you’ll learn something/gain some perspective about MLB market sizes.

*Populations based on the 2015 metropolitan statistical area estimates (made by the United States Office of Management and Budget).

**For metropolitan areas with two MLB teams, entering either of the teams will suffice.

Direct link to the quiz.