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Sporcle Friday: M’s batters with more BBs than Ks

Which Mariners batters have recorded more walks than strikeouts in a single season (min 350 PA)?

Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners
Mike Zunino is not a correct answer on this quiz. Sorry.
Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Happy Friday, friends. Did you know that the Mariners play their first spring training game tomorrow? Because they do! Hooray. With the advent of actual games/scrimmages, we will undoubtedly hear a boatload of baseball talk from the M’s skipper/general manager. As we all know, one of Jerry Dipoto’s very favorite things to discuss is how well his players are CONTROLLING the ZONE. This has been a big ol’ focus of emphasis for this team. With this in mind, today’s Sporcle asks you a C-the-Z-related question: Which Mariners batters have been able to go a whole season while recording more walks than punch-outs (min 350 PA)?

This is a feat that has been accomplished 52 times by 24 different players. However, thanks in large part to the absurd increase in strikeouts in recent years, only two ~regular M’s hitters have done this over the last decade. Depending on when you became an M’s fan, this could increase the degree of difficulty of this quiz quite a bit. (But hopefully it won’t be too hard? We’ll see!)

Good luck and goms.

Direct link to the quiz.