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The 2017 Mariners Hot (Semi-Eligible) Prospects

No matter if you're lefty, righty, or a switch-hitter, these Mariners will make you swipe right.

Sadly even we don't have the power to make this match happen for you.

*Disclaimer: We have attempted to select current players that we are fairly confident are not currently in relationships or marriages, or note that fact. The internet only reveals so much, however, so if we have erred, whoops, and also congratulations!

Today has been a lovely, heartwarming time here at Lookout Landing. We've had stirring musical parodies, joyful dream crush matches, and mildly NSFW Valentine's. Hopefully you’re feeling sated, but we worry that some of you still are yearning for a more direct connection with your favorite team. Where there's a scoop to be had you can trust we are your reporters du jour, and this afternoon we have a tasty little cherry to top your sundae.

For those of you familiar with mobile online dating, the app Tinder has revolutionized romance and hookups in the last few years. For your romantic pleasure, we have compiled the profiles we have recently uncovered of several prominent members of the Seattle Mariners roster, organization, and community. Love is just a swipe away.

(All credit as always for the visuals to the incomparable José Rivera.)