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Shohei Ohtani chooses the Angels, Mariners again do not get nice things

Friday is canceled. December is canceled. 2018 is canceled.

Netherlands v Japan - International Friendly
at least I don’t have to keep using the same five pictures of this dude
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Shohei Ohtani has made his choice, and it’s the worst possible choice for the Mariners: their division rivals, and Jerry Dipoto’s former club, the LA Angels of Anaheim Los Angeles/Flying Red Tomatoes.

Gross. Of all the outcomes, this is the worst for the Mariners, who will now have to face Ohtani and Trout whenever they play the Angels. I don’t know what to say, you guys. It was going to sting anywhere he signed, but this is absolutely the worst-case scenario.

A statement from Ohtani’s agent:

So, what are you going to do. He felt a bond. Sometimes you like someone and they don’t like you back. That’s life. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t royally suck, though.

So now the Mariners have a ton of international bonus money they can spend on the remaining Braves prospects, released Twins prospect Jelfry Marte, or the Cuban prospects putting on a showcase this week. Oh, remember the Angels already signed Kevin Maitan, the top released prospect among the Braves. Or don’t. I don’t know what your mental state is right now. Mine is not good.

Dipoto and company gambled big trying to get Ohtani, adding to their international bonus money and putting their best foot forward in trying to secure the services of the Japanese star. They will now have to pivot to trying to find some pitching help on the free agent market, and return to the non-Ohtani drawing board. Go get Yu, Mariners. A Darvish-Ohtani pitching duel sounds pretty fun to me.