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AFL Fall Stars Game Open Thread

Because this is the last baseball you’ll see on your TV for a long, long time

MLB: All Star Game-Futures Game
he hates “Acuna Matata,” FYI
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The AFL Fall Stars game is starting now on MLB Network and since it’s one of the last games of live, televised baseball we will see for months you should think about tuning in. The Mariners don’t have any starters in the game, but Braden Bishop should make an appearance in the outfield at some point, and Matthew Festa is in the bullpen for the West squad.

Starting lineups:

The game is on now on MLB network, or

What to watch for: Five-tool Braves prospect Ronald Acuña is already getting calls from Japanese media outlets. He’s going to be the next big thing. Victor Robles made some starts for the Nationals toward the end of the season and is vying with Acuña for the hottest prospect in the Fall League. Looking towards the AL West, Matt Thaiss (Angels) could be making the Mariners miserable relatively soon, as could Sheldon Neuse (Athletics), acquired from Washington in the Madson/Doolittle trade. Kyle Tucker will be making the start for the Astros, although who knows when we’ll see him in Houston’s stacked lineup.

I’ll be hanging out in the comments throughout the game to chat/keep up a running commentary, so feel free to stop by with questions.