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Mariners Moose Tracks, 11/28/17: Giancarlo Stanton, Scott Rolen, and The Seattle Sounders

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Some links to get your Tuesday started.

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Seattle Mariners Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Tuesday folks! We’ve got some more rumors and minor moves to report, so let’s get to it.

In Mariners news...

Around the league...

  • Given the choice, Giancarlo Stanton would like to be traded to the Dodgers. The good news of Stanton is that the Dodgers are the rumored frontrunner for his services.
  • There have been some odd developments in the Stanton trade front.
  • The Reds might make a surprise run at Japanese sensation Shohei Ohtani (I’m running out of ways to describe Japanese Babe Ruth, you guys).

Anders’ picks...

  • ...what?