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Lookout Landing Podcast 31: The Healy trade and Hot Stove with Jordan Shusterman of Cespedes BBQ

A Cesepedes BBQer for the rest of us

feels good to know we have a man on the inside

The Hot Stove season has officially begun, and of course it's Jerry Dipoto leading the charge, trading away steady rookie reliever Emilio Pagan to address the team's need at first base. In exchange for Pagan and a teenaged infield prospect, Alexander Campos, the Mariners receive Ryon Healy, Oakland's young, power-hitting first baseman.

0 - 5:00: Jordan makes a long-awaited return to the podcasting world, and gets to do it with people who are as into Mike Marjama as he is. It's a great day all around.

5:00: Kate and John bemoan their already-dinged off-season plan (it's just a little less first basey! It's still good!), which the team just published the last major leg of today, Jerry, you stinker. John and Jordan recall the first time they laid eyes on Healy and Jordan somehow manages to slip a Rhys Hoskins mention in, because of course he does.

11:30: The trio investigate Jerry's insatiable yen for both Oakland Athletics first basemen and 26-year-old ex-prospects as a way to drag down the team's overall age, and discuss what Healy might bring to the team. We also hold a brief moment of silence for Daniel Vogelbach.

22:30: With every un-bendy power-hitting first baseman come some caveats. We discuss them, and look into how Healy slots into the Mariners' lineup.

30:00: John gives a brief overview of the right-handed first basemen who were on the market, and Mark Reynolds gives Jordan the vapors.

34:00: It's not Hot Stove season without someone shouting OVERPAY! The crew investigates the veracity of this claim. Jordan gets a little shouty about predicting prospects born in the year 2000. Kate reminds Jordan Evan White exists, flooding him with delight. Kate gets shouty about Chris Taylor (again).

48:00: Trading for first base should free up some money; how will the team spend it? Does Jerry have a big move in him? Jordan gets weirdly apologetic about Alex Cobb, and John breaks everyone's brain with a riddle. John then uses his enchantor's powers to talk Jordan into Miguel Gonzalez: Not the Worst Idea.

This is all pitching talk, so skip ahead if you want the real goods:

1:09: Jordan and Kate get excited about Mike Marjama, and Jordan again somehow shoehorns in a Rhys Hoskins reference.

1:12: Questions! Kate and John try to distract Jordan from playing FIFA for just a few minutes longer. They talk Healy’s floor vs. ceiling, and Jordan reveals his secret belief that the Durham Bulls are somehow able to spontaneously spawn relievers. They also talk about why Healy might find a veteran-led Seattle club a better fit than Oakland. John spends some time mispronouncing Ryon Healy’s name, Kate reveals why Hot Stove season has left her unable to feel, and they finish by talking about baseball magic. And also Adam Lind. But mostly the magic.

Find Cespedes Family BBQ at MLB’s Cut 4 or on Twitter.

Music: I’ll Bet You (Jackson 5); Sunny Nights (LeRoyce)

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