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10/5/17: ALDS Open Thread

Red Sox at Astros and Yankees at Indians

Houston Astros v Boston Red Sox
Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Hello and welcome to the first day of American League Divisional Series play. I’m your host, Eric Sanford, and I’ll be taking you through today’s match-ups of very good baseball teams.

First up, we’ve got two teams many Mariners fans love to hate, but for different reasons. The long beleaguered and down-trodden sports fans of Boston FINALLY have something to cheer about again as the ol’ blue collar boys in red hosiery are back in the playoffs. Man, it’s been FOREVER, am I right? The Red Sox are taking on the bullies of the AL West, the Houston Astros. Not sure why, as this is all just a foregone conclusion, but that’s why they play the games or some other cliche.

Oh hey, remember this?

Boston Red Sox v Seattle Mariners
still warms my cold, dead heart on the worst days.
Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images


Today's Lineups

Xander Bogaerts - SS George Springer - CF
Eduardo Nunez - DH Alex Bregman - 3B
Andrew Benintendi - LF Jose Altuve - 2B
Mookie Betts - RF Carlos Correa - SS
Mitch Moreland - 1B Evan Gattis - DH
Dustin Pedroia - 2B Josh Reddick - RF
Rafael Devers - 3B Yulieski Gurriel - 1B
Sandy Leon - C Marwin Gonzalez - LF
Jackie Bradley - CF Brian McCann - C
Chris Sale - LHP Justin Verlander - RHP

And yes, I’ll go ahead and take this opportunity to include one of my personal favorite tweets, one that fills me with a lovely sense of smug self-satisfaction:

Game time: 1:00 PM PDT

TV: MLB Network

Next up, we’ve got the other ALDS match-up feature the baseball Yankees of New York City, fresh off of destroying the hopes and dreams of an entire Midwestern state. They will travel to another Midwestern state, Ohia, to take on the Cleveland Indians. Let’s see some ding dongers and insanely good bullpenning! And for pete’s sake, don’t forget your cups!


Today's Lineups

Brett Gardner - LF Francisco Lindor - SS
Aaron Judge - RF Jason Kipnis - CF
Gary Sanchez - C Jose Ramirez - 2B
Didi Gregorius - SS Edwin Encarnacion - DH
Starlin Castro - 2B Jay Bruce - RF
Greg Bird - 1B Carlos Santana - 1B
Todd Frazier - 3B Lonnie Chisenhall - LF
Chase Headley - DH Roberto Perez - C
Aaron Hicks - CF Giovanny Urshela - 3B
Sonny Gray - RHP Trevor Bauer - RHP

Game time: 4:30 PM PDT

TV: Fox Sports 1

Yeah, I know many of us are old enough to remember all baseball playoff games being televised on standard broadcast channels, but those days are long, long gone. And so those of us lucky/dumb enough to pay for cable have to look up channels we only usually search for in March when we’re starving for meaningful sports and resort to early March Madness rounds on the Outdoor Network channel and shit. And the rest of you, aka cord-cutters, can’t watch legally because MLB.TV doesn’t include playoff games. There’s always radio and illegal means! Baseball loves the youths.

Anyways, talk about the games, kvetch about the good ol’ days being gone, and rate your favorite sandwiches. It’s ALDS day!