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Lookout Landing Podcast 29: The Astros, Mariners Prospects, and Halloween

Burgers, Beltran, Bishop, and Boo-yrnes

I was saying Boo-yrnes

We don’t know if old refrain rings true for you about these playoffs feeling like a vacation for Mariners fans has rung true for you, but it sure has for us. This week John and Kate kick their feet up and chat about the scintillating first couple of World Series games between the Astros and the Dodgers. We discuss the Astros’ potential to appeal to future players with “internships” and what an exceptional time to be a baseball fan this is. We also talk about the Arizona Fall League and the Mariners prospects within. Eric Filia looks mildly intriguing! So do the Mariners' several hard-throwing relievers! The Mariners have shown some ability to maximize their mid-tier prospects, but both of us are very ready to watch Kyle Lewis, Evan White, and co. get extended action in 2018.

After a bit of chatter on the coaching carousel hurling Joe Girardi, Dusty Baker, and John Farrell to the ground of the county fair, we discuss our feelings on Scott Servais (meh) and potential internal and external alternatives. We get sidetracked discussing the potential Halloween decorations of different Mariners bullpen members, and hypothesize a bit about Jerry Dipoto’s “wolfpack” theory. Finally, we let our eyes and mouths wander and dip a toe (a lot of body parts get involved, deal with it) into our hopes for the 2018 offseason.

Spoooooky Music: Eartha Kitt, “I Want to Be Evil”, The Specials, “Ghost Town

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Enjoy! Leave feedback! And go Mariners.