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Mariners Moose Tracks, 10/21/17: Manny Acta, Eric Filia, and 100-degree heat in October

Eric Filia Appreciation Links.

College World Series - Mississippi State v UCLA Game Two Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

It took me over 21 years to begin watching the Lord of the Rings movies. I just finished disc two of the Fellowship of the Ring (extended version). I won’t lie, it’s pretty darn amazing. One does not simply watch Lord of the Rings and not enjoy it. I encourage you to share your thoughts about Lord of the Rings, but NO SPOILERS. While you’re formulating your LOTR comment, enjoy these links.

In Mariners News...

  • Not only is Eric Filia an awesome baseball player, but he has an awesome family too!
  • Speaking of Eric Filia, he’s hitting the baseball very well in AFL baseball.
  • Greg Johns highlights James Paxton’s offseason plan.
  • Manny Acta had a very good interview with the Mets.
  • As a result, Manny Acta is among the favorites in the Mets’ search for a manager.

Around the League...

  • The Nationals and Dusty Baker have parted ways.
  • Ichiro, at 44 years old, is still putting in work.
  • So it’s October, but this is happening.
  • Justin Verlander has been lethal for the Astros.
  • Daniel Murphy underwent offseason knee surgery.

Luke’s Picks...

  • Just a little throwback to when Mercer Island won the state championship in 2015.