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10/14/17: ALCS/NLCS Open Game Thread

The Astros try to get out to a 2-0 lead; the NLCS kicks off in LA

Arizona Diamondbacks v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game One
heal up, Kyle’s Brother
Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The League Championship series continues today, elbowing in against college football to fight for some real estate on your TV screen. One o’clock on a Saturday feels like a weird time to start a major playoff game to me, but what do I know. Today’s Yankees-Astros game features a pretty badass pitching matchup, though:

You can find this game on FOX.

Cubs vs. Dodgers gets underway today at 5 on TBS. No lineups yet, but Quintana will get the start for the Cubs, while Kershaw will make another postseason start/drop in the bucket of “Kershaw postseason narratives.” The Dodgers will be without one key piece of their lineup:

Yowch. Apparently his back injury is serious enough that the Dodgers felt they couldn’t use a roster spot on him. Get well soon, Kyle’s brother. The Dodgers are still stacked, obviously but this is not good news for them:

I’m not sure if the absence of one player is enough to explain how poorly the Dodgers played during their late-season swoon, but ZiPS doesn’t have a rosy outlook either:

Postseason baseball! Catch the fever.