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40 in 40: Paul Fry

In honor of our most awaited 40 in 40, let’s play a little game

2016 Seattle Mariners Photo Day
This is the only photographic evidence of Paul Fry in the photo editor

Good morning! To boost Monday morale we’re going to forego tradition and play a little game of “Guess Who: Minor League Reliever Edition”

Is he a lefty?


Was he protected from the Rule 5 draft and put on the 40 man roster?


Did they do that because he’s going to be a super reliever?

No (A 5.07 BB/9, 3.51 FIP, and (career low) 2.10 K/BB against triple A hitters doesn’t exactly inspire huge confidence.)

Did they do that because there’s a Charlie Furbush shaped hole where the LOOGY is supposed to be in the bullpen?

Yes! (He’s fine at limiting hard contact against righties, but issued 21 walks in 30.2 innings in AAA last season against right-handed batters, and that’s not something we want to see at the major league level.)

Can he legally rent a car?

No (But on July 26th of this year he can have a big ‘ol quarter-decade party!)

Can we be excited about him as another flame throwing reliever?


Okay, does he throw in the low 90s?


Does he have a funky, bendy, low 80s slider to compensate for lack of velo?


Are there any fun facts I might know, or learn about him?


Alright, well does he at least have a Wikipedia page I can check out?

No (And no, his micro-paragraph on the Mariners minor league wiki page doesn’t count.)

Was he the M’s 2015 Minor League Reliever of the Year?


Will he pitch for the 2017 Seattle Mariners?

(Likely) Yes

Is it Paul Fry?

Yes! You win! Thanks for playing!

(Huge thank you to Jose Rivera, who scarcely batted an internet eye when I asked him to put the face of a largely unknown minor league reliever on Guess Who cards)