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Mariners trade for Gallardo and Dyson: What the Internet Thinks

Reactions to the trade that brings Gallardo and Dyson to Seattle.

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at New York Yankees Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Hello everyone! Jerry gave us a loud wake-up call from our transaction hibernation with a pair of swaps. In the first trade, the Mariners got Yovani Gallardo and some $$$, the Orioles got Seth Smith. In the second deal, the M’s acquired Jarrod Dyson for Nate Karns. Here’s what everyone had to say about it:

To start off, here’s Jerry’s statement on the moves.

Dave Cameron had some hot takes on the trades.

The Mariners, after trading Taijuan Walker away in the Jean Segura deal, have been looking for a back-end starting pitcher. How desperate were they? Well, desperate enough to take a pitcher that the Baltimore Orioles — who have one of the worst rotations in baseball — didn’t want to keep around.

Camden Chat loved the Gallardo-Smith trade so much that they thought it had to be some kind of a joke.

Earlier today, I wrote that I didn’t want to see the Orioles acquire Smith because I’d rather them not trade one of their tradeable assets. But I’m excited about this trade because Gallardo wasn’t an asset - he was a liability. His presence created more problems than his absence will create.

It all seems too good to be real, as if this was all perpetrated by an impersonator Twitter account like Ken Rosenthai, or like the other shoe will drop later and it turns out the Orioles have included an actual player you like in the trade. Somebody pinch me. I must be dreaming.

Royals Review discussed the Dyson-Karns swap from Kansas City’s end.

You hate to see such a valuable player like Jarrod Dyson get traded, but at least Dayton Moore got back a starting pitcher with several controllable years left. Karns is likely a back-of-the-rotation guy, but he can miss bats, and has already put up a 2 WAR season. Jarrod Dyson was a criminally underrated player in Kansas City, and we are sad to see him go, but on paper, this actually looks like a pretty decent deal.

Some people on Twitter were just happy to see a move by Dipoto again.

For the Gallardo trade, there was a lot of negativity among fans and writers.

Others were cautiously optimistic about the trade.

When it came to the Dyson deal, people were pretty much in agreement: the trade was a great one for Seattle.

And still others had thoughts on the two trades as a whole.

So there you have it. A lot of pieces changed places. A lot of takes were made. What do you think of the moves?