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Lookout Landing Podcast: Episode Three

It’s our first cliffhanger episode!

Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners
[barbershop seventh]
my ball
my ballll
my ballllllll
my ballllllllllll
Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

I know: much like that person next to you on the bus, this podcast just creeps closer and closer. We have a good reason for this! This week, we were joined by not one, but two of LL’s pitching experts to break down the rotation and the bullpen. John Trupin, former ace pitcher for the Lewis and Clark Pioneers...oh what’s that? We have a picture? HECK YEAH WE DO:

John “The Truth” Trupin

As you can see here, John is clearly fierce and fearsome, and happens to wear the number of my very favorite dearly departed MiMo. Anyway, John lends his pitching expertise to us as we talk through the Mariners’ pitching staff. We are joined as well by staff writer Jake Mailhot, who also comes from a career in baseball, although sadly one without any photographic evidence. Jake was actually a shortstop by trade, but gives us some insight into how he become LL’s resident pitching guru.

These guys gave us so much to talk about that the planned one-hour episode ran to double that. There was too much good info to cut, so we made two episodes out of it: one will drop today, about the rotation; and the next one, about the bullpen, later this week, after José finishes editing it. Thanks as always to José for his fantastic audio engineering, and thanks to you for listening! If you’re an iTunes subscriber (please subscribe), we appreciate if you’d take the time to rate and review the pod to make it easier for people to find.

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Thanks again for listening! As always, we’re happy to hear your feedback below.