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Lookout Landing Podcast: Episode Two

We still don’t have a name, but please listen anyway

Colorado Rockies v Seattle Mariners
“look, we did another podcast!”
“cool, do you have a name yet?”

We’re rearranging our recording schedule a little this week, so we’re giving you a present and dropping this week’s podcast a day early. This week, we preview the position players: Where has the team upgraded? What is reasonable to expect from hard-to-predict quantities like Zunino and Segura, and how much regression will the more...seasoned players on the roster show? John Trupin, founder and president of the Mitch Haniger Fan Club, joins us as we preview the new-look Mariner outfield. We finish up with your twitter questions.

Like last week, this recording runs a little longer than we’d like as there’s so much to cover. We did try to break it up with some natural pauses after the infield (at 37:00) and outfield (1:14). Next week we cover pitchers and the bullpen, which should be the last of the particularly unwieldy episodes and give us a good foundation to work off of. We really appreciate those of you who are listening, and welcome your feedback—and your name suggestions.

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