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Lookout Landing Podcast Friday: Episode I

Son of Lookout Landing Podcast: The Podcastening

Milwaukee Brewers v Seattle Mariners
“but why won’t you answer my question, Scott?”
“I told you, the hotdog-as-sandwich thing is way overdone!”
Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

With the departure of both Nathan and David, we were left with a podcast-shaped hole here on the site, as well as a bunch of empties to take out to the recycling. It took a little while, but we are proud to present the newly-rebooted Lookout Landing podcast, ready for you to put on in the background for your idle listening pleasure as you do chores this weekend. You will note that this podcast does not yet have a name; naming things, it turns out, is really hard, and we needed to get this thing out the door. So please do the heavy lifting for us and leave your name suggestions in the comments. This could be your chance to have José make art out of your words!

This week, José, Ethan, and I discuss Jerry Dipoto’s off-season moves, and finish up by answering some of your twitter questions. We’re hoping to keep this thing a little closer to an hour or under, but it turns out talking about Jerry and his transactions takes well over an hour (and this doesn’t count the amount of time we spent off-air trying to figure out how to pronounce “Povse” and “Pazos”).

Huge thanks to José, who loaned his technical expertise to producing the podcast, and is the sole reason this doesn’t sound like three robots speaking Russian underwater.

iTunes link

You can listen or subscribe there, or if you hate iTunes with a fiery burning passion (you’re not alone), here’s the Stitcher link.

And here’s SoundCloud if that’s more your jam:

Please drop us a line and let us know what you think, or anything you’d like to hear covered on the podcast; this is still very much a developing project and your feedback is invaluable. And definitely please leave your name suggestions—they can’t be any worse than the legion of tortured seafaring puns I’ve come up with. Thanks for listening!