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Dome and Bedlam 19: Hate week

Please bow your heads. Let us complain.

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HOWDY! Dome and Bedlam returns from work and failure-induced hiatus, and we’ve got one thing on our mind: Hate and despondency. Yes, you are correct that is two things. Yes, I know, we are bad at numbers. Yes, I agree, LL is dead.

0:00 – Scott, Nathan, and David commiserate over alcohol, diagnose their respective ailments, and try to figure out the exact moment when everything went wrong.

10:00 – An in depth, and perhaps even mildly interesting conversation breaks out on the direction of the franchise, both for 2017 and beyond. The important thing to note here, listener, is that David is wrong.

37:30 – Twitter Q&A! We travel through time to kill Mariner Baby Hitler, mispronounce names with impunity, yell at each other, and ever so much more. Thank you as always for your wonderful questions. Even the bad ones.

Music Credits: Gang StarrDan ReederTrampled by Turtles


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Dome and Bedlam 19