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Close out the regular season with Lookout Landing

Morning beers, Felix, and friends.

One of my favorite things about the past year or so has been the in person meetups. From the Christmas Party, LL Softball, LL Baseball, Night Court (ouch), and so on, these events have been so much fun, without exception. I’m old, and have never really learned to build great relationships without meeting someone in person. Also Lookout Landing’s community is a big, beautiful, diverse place these days, and all of you have helped make this as enjoyable a Mariner season as I can truthfully remember.

So, at least one more time, let’s all hang out. The Mariners’ game on Sunday, October 2nd may not be the team’s final game, but it’s the last one we are guaranteed. We and I don’t organize these very well, I know. I am sorry for that, but tying all this together is a bit crazy. All that said, here is the loose plan:

Sunday, October 2nd:

10:10 AM - Gates open. We congregate to the bullpen, to cheer Felix, mingle, and drink evening drinks in the morning. Bring signs, dress up or something, I don’t know. Let’s make noise, and be silly.

12:10 PM - First pitch. I’m assuming we will have at least a few dozen of us at this point, and at that size it starts to get very difficult to keep everyone together. There is a decent chance there is a large crowd at this game, which makes staying in/around The Pen a very bad idea. We will relocate to Section 307, in the forgotten waste of Safeco Field.

We will sit, and watch the Mariners. Maybe they will clinch a Wild Card spot. We will toast the 2016 Seattle Mariners, in one form or fashion. I will probably hug many of you. I will almost certainly yell obscenities. Apologies for both.

Did you skip all this? Here’s the breakdown.

What: LL get together at Safeco Field

Where: Safeco Field, good lord you are inattentive

When: Sunday, October 2nd. Gates open at 10:10 AM

Why: Because baseball is fun, Lookout Landing is fun, and we are going to watch this team together, possibly for the last time.

See each and every one of you there, I hope.