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Lookout Linkage, 9/27/16

The internet is full of so many things.

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hands about to link
hands about to link
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There were times, before HyperCard came out for the Macintosh, when you couldn't just hover your mouse over something, click on it, and get taken to a new screen. Imagine! Back then you had to type in the address of a new site in your browser, or close your window and open a new program, or turn a page in the newspaper, or wait for the gleeman in the colorful cloak to arrive and share dubious tales of court life in the distant capital of Camelyn. You live better than 99.999999% of people in human history. And you can exercise this freedom, this power, this unfathomable life of ease by clicking on the following links:


  • They won. You don't need links. Current playoff odds: equal to rolling a six on a six-sided die. Or a four, technically, but that doesn't convey the same feeling.


  • Jeff Passan at Yahoo recaptures the last night of Fernandez's life. He's the best at this stuff.
  • A bag of baseballs, signed by Fernandez, washed up on a Miami beach this morning.
  • Dee Gordon provided his own cinematic touch on the emotional first game after Fernandez's death.
  • Samandben raised an interesting discussion on their podcast, Effectively Wild: should Fernandez be included on a Hall of Fame ballot, despite not playing the mandatory ten years?
  • Stories about Fernandez are everywhere, and you've probably drank your fill of tears. But if you're still looking: The staff at Fangraphs share their memories of the young man, and Dave Cameron talks to Cistulli through the magic of audio. Lindbergh wrote about him at The Ringer, Bill Baer recapped the aftermath of yesterday's victory, and everyone over at Fish Stripes chipped in their thoughts and feelings as well.


  • Skip Bayless calls Clevenger "evil" and "deserves more punishment." Just kidding, I'm not going to link a Skip Bayless quote whether I agree with him or not.
  • Nathaniel Grow at FG looks at Clevenger's situation from the standpoint of legal precedent.
  • Some idiot wrote an overlong piece over at BP about the responsibilities of the socially media-active ballplayer.


  • The Blue Jays and Yankees traded beanballs and blows, and some prominent players might face timely suspensions.
  • Strangely familiar name Jeff Sullivan looks into the worst strike zone call of the PITCHf/x era, which of course helps the Blue Jays.
  • Kate Morrison praises old friend Adrian Beltre.
  • All the world loves a null hypothesis, so Jeff Long looks at one of Statcast's favorite new toys, spin rate.
  • Wade Miley apologized to 7,399,999,999 people.