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Sporcle Friday: Mariners single-season ISO leaders

Which Mariners hitters managed to post an ISO north of .200 for a whole season (min 400 PA)?

Jeff Carlick/Getty Images

For a team with a fairly short history, the Mariners have had a lot of big boppers. Today, you're tasked with naming the M's ~regulars who've displayed the most OOMPH over the course of a season. The metric I've decided to employ to measure this is ISO. ISO (or isolated slugging percentage) is used by folks to determine a hitter's RAW POWER. It's a simple equation that is solved by subtracting a hitter's batting average from their slugging percentage.

For reference, the average ISO for a position player in 2016 is .166. (This value is actually tied for the fourth highest that it's ever been in the history of MLB - so many juicy baseballs this season!) A value above ~.200 is typically viewed as being rather exceptional. Thus, for today's Sporcle, you need to come up the Mariners hitters who managed an ISO north of .200 for a whole season (min 400 PA). This feat has been accomplished 58 times by 26 individuals.

Good luck and goms.