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Sporcle Friday: The shortest Seattle Mariners

Can you name the gentlemen who played for the Mariners who were less than 70 inches tall (min 100 PA or 50 IP)?

Everyone's favorite Mariner.
Everyone's favorite Mariner.
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

2016 is a pretty good year to be a short baseball player. Jose Altuve, Mookie Betts, Dustin Pedroia, and Adam Eaton are all top-20 position players in MLB and none of them is taller than 5'9". To honor the accomplishments of these jerks who don't play for the M's, today's Sporcle asks you to name the shortest men who've donned a Mariners uniform. None of the players in this quiz are quite as mini as Altuve, but Seattle has had 20 players (min 100 PA or 50 IP) who were shorter than the average American male (i.e., 69.5" tall). How many of these fellows can you name?

I expect that this quiz will be pretty damn hard, but maybe a few of you will surprise me re: your knowledge of relatively minuscule Mariners. Good luck, my friends.

Note: I feel like embedded Sporcle quizzes are still being a little bit wonky sometimes if you're using Chrome. Here's a direct link to the quiz, just in case. (Or you can go open this in Firefox.)