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Sporcle Friday: The best starts in Mariners history (by Game Score)

Can you name the Mariners pitchers who had a start with a Game Score ≥85?

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The Mariners are fun again. Hooray!

A thing that was particularly fun was Taijuan Walker's most recent start. In case you are unaware, he threw a complete game shutout with 11 strikeouts and no walks and it was against the Angels who are vile and Mike Scioscia was so grumpy the whole game and it was just the best. In fact, Tai's outing ranks as one of the best single-game performances by a pitcher in M's franchise history. According to Game Score (GSc), Tai's score of 92 was tied for the 11th best start EVER by a Mariners pitcher. (The Mariners have played 6341 regular season games. We're talkin' 99.8th percentile.) In recognition of Tai's wonderful start, today's Sporcle asks you to name the pitchers who've had the best starts in M's franchise history. Specifically, you're tasked with naming the gentlemen who had a start with a Game Score of at least 85.

The Game Score equation is imperfect, but it can definitely be used to quickly identify dominating performances by a starting pitcher. (It's also sortable on Baseball Reference, which is a huge plus when putting together these Sporcle quizzes.) 36 different Mariners pitchers have put a GSc ≥85 on 98 separate occasions. (Hot tip: Typing in the two best pitchers in Mariners history will quickly give you 40% of the correct answers.) I imagine that most people will do pretty well on this quiz. I hope you enjoy it. Good luck!

And #gobiz.